This is a page that describes what I’m up to and what I’m currently focused on. 

Right in the middle of final exams, just one week left until I secure my freedom!

I’m also working on making improvements to this blog. If you notice any changes, it’s probably because I’m experimenting with different styles, etc. Feel free to leave me some feedback or suggestions.

I have started work on the upcoming ebook, which I’m quite excited about.

I’ve also started a new two-week experiment: Tracking my happiness, an idea that I first heard about from a friend of mine from the Netherlands. I highly encourage checking out his blog, Tracking Happiness if you want to learn more about this fascinating idea.

I have been reading a lot more books recently, and I’ve almost completed my annual reading challenge.

I’m working on health and fitness, and I’m steadily improving on my routine.

I’m focusing on improvisation on the electric guitar and brushing up on old favourites on my acoustic guitar.

I’ve been adding a few recipes to my limited cooking repertoire and I’m happy to say I haven’t burned anything. So far.

I’m getting into the habit of meditation with an app called Headspace, which I highly recommend. It’s changing my life, little by little.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies and listening to music.

Last updated: November 7th, 2017