Netflix’s Brilliant Handling of Unauthorised “Stranger Things”-inspired Pop-up Bar

I’d like to make a quick post highlighting Netflix’s brilliant email that the company’s lawyers sent out to fans who had decided to set up a pop-up bar called the The Upside Down, named after the alternate realm in the show, Stranger Things.

The fans who had set up the bar hadn’t asked for permission regarding the usage of the name, and the company decided to send a cease and desist email to them. Not very different to what any large corporation would do right?

Not exactly. The way they handled it was an absolute masterclass in public relations.

Here’s the email they sent out to the owners:

What I’d like to most point out is that the owners of the pop-up bar completely understood the company’s perspective and agreed to closing it down and all of this was done without the need for hostility from either side.

I wish more people resolved conflict in this way. Keeping things lighthearted even when you’re talking about something you dislike, can lead to co-operation from the other side without creating too much of a fuss.

Approaching any kind of confrontation with hostility will usually lead to the other party getting on the defensive, which severely inhibits conflict resolution.

The way Netflix approached the issue was exemplary and I believe that people can really learn something from this.


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