Make Dark Chocolate Taste Sweeter

I stumbled upon something quite interesting by accident today. I had just had eaten and had fallen into my usual afternoon lull, and I decided to have my usual post-lunch square of dark chocolate. I made myself a cup of green tea and sat down to enjoy the dark chocolate while watching one of my favourite tv shows.

As you would expect, the dark chocolate (70% in this case) was quite bitter, but I was already used to the taste so I had no complaints. However, I took a sip of green tea and went back to the chocolate and suddenly realised that the chocolate had become so much sweeter and tasted so much better. Two things were happening here:

  • The bitterness of the tea had made my mouth immune to the bitterness of the chocolate, so I could only taste the sweetness, which seemed to have magnified significantly.
  • The heat from the tea that had transferred into my mouth was melting the chocolate and a much higher rate and thus the flavour was much stronger.

I immediately googled this combination and it turns out the the Telegraph (I’ll link it below) actually made a post about this in 2015 about a study which had been done on the combination of green tea and dark chocolate! The findings indicated that dark chocolate and green tea significantly improve concentration in the afternoon, which is a problem that I struggle with all the time!

I avoid drinking coffee (unless it’s for exams), so this was fascinating to me. At the moment, I am definitely feeling a lot more alert so there might just be something to it. I’m aware that this could be a placebo effect, but I’ll keep doing this for a few days and see if it continues to work.

(Update: I felt that the effects were not quite as apparent as I continued doing this, but I would be curious to see what others think)

To take a look at the article yourself, check this out: Dark chocolate and green tea is the perfect concentration combination has a post in which they actually recommend dipping the chocolate into the tea to make it taste better as the melted chocolate will cover more surface area, thereby enhancing its flavour (so I guess my discovery might actually be true!). Check out the article: Chocoholic anonymous – Smart ways to eat chocolate.

It is important to note however, that the study I mentioned above was conducted at Northern Arizona University, but was sponsored by Hershey Company.

Possible biases aside, I think it actually worked for me so there could be something to it. Try it yourself and let me know if it works for you. Share this blog post and get your friends to try it as well!

2 thoughts on “Make Dark Chocolate Taste Sweeter

  1. Thanks for the great article! I would definitely try this out as I often lose concentration. I do agree with the part where dark chocolate can taste sweet. My personal experience is with bitter gourd. It is very common for Chinese dishes to have bitter gourd in them. Many claim that it’s pretty bitter and children would definitely hate them. As I grew up, I started eating it and realise it’s actually not that bad and I started liking it instead. You’ll be surprised that the bitter taste would somehow turn into a touch of sweetness while you’re chewing it.


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